Live TV: Feb 2nd

On the 2nd February there will be four, yes FOUR live TV programmes being broadcast live for the first time from the University of Portsmouth White Swan TV Studio on Tuesday morning and from the CCI TV Studio in the afternoon. The shows have been produced by students from 3 courses working together; BSc Television & Broadcasting, BSc Entertainment Technology and BA Digital Marketing.

The shows will be broadcast live on YouTube (available below) and on the Big Screen Portsmouth.

The schedule is as follows;

10am: Switch Up

11:30am: Talking Tech

2pm: Paws ‘Round Portsmouth

3:30pm: Sportsmouth 


Switch Up

Switch up is a show that focuses on technology and how it is influencing us in the 21st Century. We host our own social experiment to find out just how hard day to day life is without technology. During the live show we will interview both participants and reflect on and how hard they found it.

Talking Tech

Talking Tech is an educational show that looks at the facts and figures of present technology, as well as follow the journey our technology has taken to get to where we are now.

Paws ‘Round Portsmouth

Follow us round Portsmouth as we discover all the best dog friendly spots. With help from local dog Buddy, we’ll be chatting to members of the community, visiting lots of dog friendly venues and even hosting a competition live on air! #pawsup


Don’t miss our long awaited students’ TV show on sports gems of Portsmouth that you NEED to visit! Discover how to meet your new year’s resolutions and get fit without spending hours on the treadmill. Watch the show to see our presenters Hannah and Aaron to try out the sports such as kick-boxing or trampolining.