Live Show: May 27th

Celebrating the end of this academic year, our final year show broadcast will explore the 3 main areas of Creative Technologies by showcasing work, broadcasting live demonstrations and talking to students about their experiences and work produced this year. We will be live at 5pm on Friday 27th May on the campus TV network, YouTube and Big Screen Portsmouth. The show will be produced and broadcast live by BSc Televison and Broadcasting students from our Hub Studio in Eldon Building.

The broadcast will feature 3 special hour long programmes exploring Games and Animation at 5pm, Television and Film at 6pm and Music, Sound and Digital Media at 7pm.

5pm-6pm: Games and Animation

Will be focusing on the exciting content being creating by the very talented Games Design students and the Animation students based here at the University of Portsmouth. The show will feature live interviews with game and animation developers and designers, exciting demonstrations and exploring the virtual worlds and realities created by these extremely talented University of Portsmouth Alumni.

6pm-7pm: Television and Film

A showcase of what University of Portsmouth Film and Television students have produced this academic year, featuring interviews with the managers of CCI TV, Screenwriter Barbara Machin, and recent Cannes Nominated director Barnaby Boulton, with his film “Wanderlust”.

7pm-8pm: Music, Sound and Digital Media

Featuring application demos, a demo of Sonic Playroom, music software designed by a Music and Sound Technology student, for those with special needs, a documentary and an advert created within the Entertainment Technology course and to round off the broadcast a Live Interview with Professor Catherine Harper, Dean of the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries.