Live TV: 7th Feb

On the 7th February we have four brand new live TV programmes being broadcast from the University of Portsmouth White Swan TV Studio on Tuesday morning and from the CCI TV Studio in the afternoon. The shows have been produced by second year students from 2 courses working together; BSc Television & Broadcasting and BSc Entertainment Technology.

The shows will be broadcast live on YouTube (available below) and on the Big Screen Portsmouth.

11am: The Food Project

The Food Project is an educational show that analyses what influences people’s appetite, this includes an in-depth look at culture, media, economy and convenience.

12:30pm: Destination: Happiness

Our presenters will be chatting about happiness from different corners of the globe (i.e. Emoji’s) and exploring the realistic aspects of what make people happy. Meanwhile, a PhD student of Psychology will be joining them to inform us and discuss the Psychological aspects of happiness.

3pm: Hearken Back

Take a look back through the history of Victorian Portsmouth, the industries that flourished during that time and how they have affected us today. The show covers the historic dockyard, a tour of groundlings theatre and Clarence pier and its attractions then and now.

4.30pm: PortsWOOF
Calling all dog-lovers! We present an all-new dog-friendly show – PortsWOOF! Join us as we discover what makes Portsmouth such an ideal place to live for dog owners. From talks with local businesses to entertaining challenges, this is a show that is sure to leave you and your dog barking with delight.