Live TV: 30th Jan

On the 30th January we have three brand new live TV programmes being broadcast from the University of Portsmouth White Swan Building and CCI TV Studios in Eldon Building. The shows have been produced by second year students from BSc Television & Broadcasting.

The shows will be broadcast live on YouTube (available below) and on the Big Screen Portsmouth.

10am: Invis Ability

Invis Ability is a show that explores hidden disabilities. It gives a bigger insight into disabilities like epilepsy, ADHD, ODC and more. Invis Ability shows you what it’s like to live with these hidden disabilities at work, at home and with friends.

12pm: The Steampunk Show

The Steampunk Show is your look into the world of Steampunk in Portsmouth and Gosport. Whether you’re keen to get involved in the culture or you just want to know what on earth it’s all about, Saf and Ryan are here to guide you through the ins and outs of what being a Steampunk is all about. From the fashion to the fun, there’s top hats, cogs and tea-dunking aplenty. So stick the kettle on, settle down and enjoy The Steampunk Show!

3pm: Indielens

Indielens is a show that explores the diverse benefits of independent businesses in Portsmouth and how they affect the local community. During the show you will get an insight into how independent businesses such as The Aspex Gallery and Bread Addiction run on a day to day basis and how they positively impact the local community. As well as this, we interview NEST representative Lynda Povey to discuss the work they do to help get businesses started.