Live TV: 27th Mar

On Tuesday 27th March we have three brand new live TV programmes being broadcast from the University of Portsmouth White Swan Building and CCI TV Studios in Eldon Building. The shows have been produced by second year students from BSc Television & Broadcasting.

The shows will be broadcast live on YouTube (available below) and on the Big Screen Portsmouth.

10am: Prove It!

Prove It is a fun but educational live TV show for kids. We want to make learning as enjoyable as possible. Tune in to learn map reading skills and even see a live demonstration of how a boat stays afloat.

12pm: Top Of The League

Interested in sports? What about sports you’ve never played before? Then this is the show for you. Meg and Dec go around Portsmouth visiting societies within the University to see how these sports work, and also to learn how anyone can get involved. From Archery to Quidditch, there’s no doubt the city has a great variety to offer.

3pm: Jog On

Jog On Portsmouth explores everything great about jogging! Join us as we give great jogging tips, how to correctly warm up and down, what’s best to wear and how to keep safe when out for a jog. If you’re a regular jogger or just looking to get fit in your local area this is the show for you.